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4 years ago

Linux Essentials Exam - Passed ?

According to the initial exam results, I passed the linux essentials exam with a 730 . I suppose I won't be making it official until I get the notification.

In any case, for those taking the exam, I was somewhat tempted to take the exam cold just based on my own Linux experience without studying, but thankfully, I didn't fall into that hubris. The lecture videos probably goes into more in-depth than needed; there were no questions on the OSI model though I don't regret spending the weekend memorizing the 7 layers, and a couple of questions on the exam that were decidedly a bit odd . The exam was mostly multiple choice, and there was no access to man pages or any other electronic reference. One question required text input.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that the lecture videos were very helpful, and I learned a few items that weren't on the test, but still informative. A minor victory, once it is official.

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4 years ago
Keep in mind that the test draws from a LARGE database of questions. Just because you didn't see a particular subject on YOUR exam, does not mean that someone else will. We cover ALL the potential domains of knowledge needed so that regardless of the question you get, you will be prepared to answer them.In any event, congratulations on your exam score !
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4 years ago
Hey congrats Jack on the pass!
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4 years ago
Congratulations Jack. Well done! I'm taking this exam within the next few weeks (and I am a total newbie).
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4 years ago
Hi Jack and congrats on your pass!About that hubris you are talking about, that's a cautionary tale for all of us. I did the same thing with the LFCS exam and this almost led me to a fail result. That was long before I joined LA. Now I'm here, I'm determined to start from scratch and work my way to getting the LFCE. I won't be making the same mistake twice, no sir!