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4 years ago

Passed Linux Essentials

Some normal test jitters and the "omg I'm so screwed" feeling when a question I didn't have a clue one came up.
710 points out of 800 so I'm very happy with it.

For anyone else doing it. If you done the Linux Essentials course and use Linux on a daily basis I'm almost certain that you could pass this test.
For those that are a bit newer in the world of Linux and might want to refresh your *vi* and *man* skills.

Image of tusharmehta
4 years ago
I have completed Linux Essentials course few days back. Now planing to take Linux Essentials assessment. I am sure I will also have "OMG I'm so screwed" feeling :D I have used Linux for few years but from past many months, I am not using it actively so need to refresh all basic stuff. Are you planing to take any certification ?
Image of stephen
4 years ago
Great job Fredrik!
Image of christophelimpalair
4 years ago
Congratulations on the pass!
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4 years ago
Image of braun0
4 years ago
Congrats Fredrik. I am taking the Linux Essentials exam in about 7 hours. For vim & man - how in the weeds did it get? For vim, anything beyond knowing the basics of how to insert, quit, quit with saving, remove words with/without spaces (dw, de)? For man, anything beyond knowing each section, subsections and basic navigation?
Image of ellejaclyn
4 years ago
Congratulations, Fredrik!
Image of klack
4 years ago
Great job Fredrik, thanks for the feedback.
Image of landrash
4 years ago
As soon as possible I'm aiming for the LPIC1 and continuing from there. =)