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4 years ago

Linux+ LX0-103 exam 1

Passed exam 1 today .
Time to start working towards exam 2

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4 years ago
Nice - congratulations!
Image of christophelimpalair
4 years ago
Congratulations, and good luck with the next one! :)
Image of samphar
4 years ago
Hi. Great Job. I have been using Linux academy as my prime study material and have done some one of webservers on a vps type projects. Are there any other practice tests beside linux academy which helped prepare you for your passing grade? I study but i need to make sure that I really know the material and not just memorized the questions so if you knew some good lx03 practice tests please let me know.
Image of alfwro13
4 years ago
Hi Brent, I use Memrise to revise, I created few my own courses, but my main preparation material was LA training and first 3 parts of this : link to part 2 and 3 are listed in description of 1 and 2 respectively. I do not recommend using Brain Dumps as that is cheating and you are not learning anything.