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4 years ago

Thanks LA, Passed Essentials eventhough I didn't finish the course yet

So here's what happened. I only had like 3 topics left to do or so. Starting with the topic of users.
I traveled to Frankfurt to take the exam as my wife had an appointment with the embassy of her country. What i planned was studying the rest in 1 hour but eventually her appointment was taking too long so couldn't be back in the hotel in time to study more.
So i took my exam and passed!! What did help was the fact I already read the sybex book. I'm still going to finish the course here and then on to Lpic

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4 years ago
Nice! Congratulations!
Image of stephen
4 years ago
Congrats Ferry!
Image of christophelimpalair
4 years ago
Wow, nice!!! Great job.
Image of dushyantshrivastav
4 years ago
Hello Instructors. How do we keep in touch?