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Mary D. Strawser

1 week ago

LPI-Linux Essentials course out of date?

I recently completed the LPI-Linux Essentials course in hopes of getting a certification.  The thing is, I noticed that some of the information seemed a little out of date, then when I sought out a practice exam there were questions that were not covered in the course (like Raspberry Pi questions).  Are other courses here similarly outdated, or was that practice course wrong and such questions will not come up? Also, how often are the courses updated to cover new exam material?

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6 days ago
The course is based on the 010-160 objectives (version 1.6) which is what is the current exam on LPI's website. So, the information should be up to date with those objectives. It's possible that additional information was added to the exam without them updating the objectives (but i'm not sure). It's also possible that weighting for that section is less, so only an awareness of that topic is needed. We typically refresh when new versions of an exam comes out, or we will add sections of any new material that arises. Thank you for reaching out about this! The course as it stands should be enough to prepare you for the exam, but please feel free to reach out with any other questions you have. Good luck!