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parag Gedam

1 week ago

Firewall Rule Creation - No Subnet option available in filter


I am trying to create a firewall rule specific to subet. But I am not able to find subnet option  in Source filter. Can anyone pls help?
I have create above VPC
Not able to get Subnet option in drop down.

I think in that case i can give subnet range by selecting Ip ranges option. But just want to check if I am making any mistake or there is change in console. Pls Suggest.

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1 week ago
Did you create a subnet?
Image of parag Gedam
parag Gedam
1 week ago
Yes, I created custom subnets. As shown in first  pic. One subnet for us-west1 and  2 subnets for us-east1. Anyway I was able to complete the lab by adding the CIDR address range. Just want to check is console view is changed compare to lab video or i made any mistake that's why it is not showing option to select subnets from drop down to me particlularly .