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1 week ago

Storage Management for RHCSA

i get this output anytime I enter the command "gdisk /dev/xvdf. [cloud_user@ip-10-0-0-24 ~]$ gdisk /dev/xvdf

GPT fdisk (gdisk) version 0.8.10

Problem opening /dev/xvdf for reading! Error is 2.

The specified file does not exist!

[cloud_user@ip-10-0-0-24 ~]$

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6 days ago
Hi Metbell,

Seems the device name is wrong. Type fdisk -l to list all the disks you have and check if /dev/xvdf really exists
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3 days ago
I just saw another post about this same issue. the disk that you'll most likely be workign with are /dev/nvme1n1 and /dev/nvme2n1. so hopefully that will be a work around for you so you can complete the material. I would recommend emailing to ensure that the material/instructions are updated. Thanks you and sorry abou this issue!