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Case study :

In the updated  case study : they are asking for "Connect to a transactional database service to manage user profiles and game state". So how will using bigtable solve this ? why is not answer B. As they have plans to be global and they need transactional database.

For this question, refer to the MountKirk Games case study:

You are planning the best database workloads for Mountkirk Games analytics requirements. Considering the business and technical requirements, what actions should you take?


Use Cloud SQL for time series data. Use Cloud Bigtable for historical data queries.


Use Cloud Bigtable for time series data, use Cloud Spanner for transactional data, and use BigQuery for historical data queries.


Replace MySQL with Cloud SQL and use Cloud Spanner for historical data queries.


Use Cloud Bigtable to replace MySQL and use BigQuery for historical data queries.

Your Answer: B
Why is this incorrect?

One of the requirements is to use a NoSQL database for transactional data. Cloud Spanner is a SQL/relational database.

Correct Answer: D
Why is this correct?

This is the most correct answer of the given choices. Bigtable is well suited for holding time series data and BigQuery can query data in Bigtable. Alternatively, BigQuery can also be used for both solutions if low latency response times are not required.

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1 week ago
Transactional databases are not for analytics. Mountkirk Games has two separate database requirements: a transaction No-SQL database for the game backend, and an analytical database for analytics.

Cloud Spanner is a relational database and does not fit the No-SQL requirement, which is why B is not a valid answer.

For analytics, both Bigtable and BigQuery fit their requirements for analyzing time-series data. Since the question did not ask about a transactional database solution, choosing a transactional database is not relevant for this question.
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