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2 weeks ago

resources to learn the kubernetes exam objectives

Kubernetes videos on LA


Sorry if this has been answered before but could you please link to the kubernetes videos that should cover the kubernetes exam topics? 

Thanks in advance.


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2 weeks ago
from the exam guide (
You can locate the following lessons:

Describe how to deploy containerized workloads as Kubernetes pods and deployments:

Describe how to provide configuration to Kubernetes pods using configMaps and secrets:

- Describe how to route traffic to Kubernetes pods using ClusterIP and NodePort services:

- Describe the Kubertnetes’ container network model:

- Describe how to provision persistent storage to a Kubernetes pod using persistentVolumes:

- Describe the relationship between container storage interface drivers, storageClass, persistentVolumeClaim and volume objects in Kubernetes:

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7 days ago
Nice, thanks !