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Steven Faseyiku

4 days ago

My kube-* services not starting

I have set up the etcd and kube-* services. Unfortunately, only Kubernetes Controller Manager starts. API Server and Schedueler doesn't. ETCD starts but not healthy. I believe this has to do with security groups. I have added the ports to the security group 2379,2380 and 6443. I still get error.

Can you suggest what needs looking into? I am using EC2 instances from my own account and not the Playground.


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3 days ago

Here is a full list of the ports that are needed:

These ports should be open between your server(s). Port 6443 needs to be open between your load balancer and controllers as well.

Most likely, the etcd issue is the main cause. Kube API server and scheduler both need a healthy etcd cluster, so the fact that they are not working is likely due to the etcd issue.

Check the etcd logs:

sudo journalctl -u etcd

There should be something in there that gives more info on what is going on. Most of the time, I find that issues with etcd in this course are related to certificates or to the etcd unit file. Double-check those things, maybe alongside what you are seeing in the log, to narrow down the issue. If you need some additional guidance, try sending in a support ticket. Its easier to get some back-and-forth with those and we'd be glad to help look at any logs or error messages you are seeing if you can share them.