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6 days ago

career change?

i'm a 57 y.o. grapic designer-illustrator, in need of a change, recently laid off. i just finished the AWS concepts course, using the free membership. i need to see if this path is remotly doable for me, like do i have the brain-power and interest, before i pay for membership. questions: 1. i've finished it & passed the test, but it says 91% complete, why? do i need to get the full membership to schedule study time (that's the block locked out). 2. in order to get the cert for this, i need paid a member? 3. AWS Essentials should be next, yes/no?4. then Cloud Essentials, then Linux Essentials?

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6 days ago
Hi Marc! Welcome to Linux Academy, and congrats on having the bravery and initiative to invest in yourself. Age isn't really a factor, learning and improving is a lifelong process.

Some content isn't available in the free Community Edition subscription. You can use gems (earned by completing content) to unlock things like quizzes and hands-on labs. If you hit a wall where you don't have enough gems to proceed, move on to more free content and earn gems by completing those.

There is no exact path you have to take, but you seem to have a good one in mind. Between AWS Concepts, AWS Essentials, and Linux Essentials you will be well on your way to cloud mastery. There is also additional AWS, Azure, and GCP content if those interest you.

No matter what path you choose I wish you the best of luck. And we're here at any time to assist you. Have fun on your learning journey!
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5 days ago
Hi and welocme!! Definitely checkout the course syllabus for AWS Essentials and also AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.  Let us know if you need any help, and your AWS Concept course is not showing 100% bc you do not have access to the labs in the free community addition.
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5 days ago
thanks landon and julie for your replies!
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3 days ago
Hi Marc.  I'm 48 and it's nice to see that I'm not the only one standing in front of a possible career change from the design side of things.  I've decided that the only way to figure out what is what with all these new job titles and career paths that is so overwhelming, is to do a course or two and see where it's taking me.  So far so good with the AWS Concepts one and now starting with the Essentials.  Hopefully then moving on to the next course or two and get certification at some point in order to start a new career path.   All the best!