1 month ago

I love Linux Academy

i just want to know if everyone loves LA as much as I do.

Image of miles.baker-88e8ff88
1 month ago
Thank you!  It is great to year that you appreciate Linux Academy.  We continuously strive to serve the best interests of our our students.  
Image of mike.chambers-fcb41f17
1 month ago
I do I do! :) 
Image of antonitzavelas
1 month ago
Thank you! We really appreciate that. We always love to hear the positive feedback ;)
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1 month ago
Sure do!
Image of julielkins
1 month ago
I do!!!
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1 month ago
Thanks for the love. We love you too!
Image of moosa.khalid
1 month ago
We do! As much as we love the students who make it the amazing learning platform that it is!
Image of bsalmans
1 month ago
That's awesome to hear, thank you!
Image of ermin
1 month ago
Thank you!!!!!
Image of kevinpjames
1 month ago
We think it's pretty cool to.
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1 month ago
Thank you so much for the kind words!
Image of kelby
1 month ago
Definitely do :)
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1 month ago
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4 weeks ago
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4 weeks ago
Best thing  I love, you don't need to pay seperate for every course 
Image of anthony
4 weeks ago
And hands-on labs are included and cloud playground which doens't exist anywhere else, let alone for this price!

Image of tmdahiya1409-c352236b
4 weeks ago
 @anthony  Yeah, That's why I am here from last 2 years. LA team hard-work and dedication is always seems. 

All I wanted from LA is to deliver swag products in IND also. I had delivered ordered one hoodie last year which was not reached to me. I love to wear LA hoodie and eagerly wanted it. If you can deliver it in IND, it's very thankful to you.

Hope you consider my request. :)

Image of jgarmin
3 weeks ago
I have the subscription for over two years and unfortunately due to time constraint, I never get a chance to study. Having the subscription with Linux is a token of my appreciation to the Linux Team to have created such a great platform. Very soon I will get a chance to be home and study. 
J Qureshi
Image of chadcrowell
3 weeks ago
I'm glad you Love Linux Academy! I love Linux Academy too! 
Image of yemisi
3 weeks ago
I'm currently learning on LA through a corporate account but i told myself if for any reason i move to a new company without such benefit i wouldn't blink to subscribe out-of-pocket. The hands-on labs and access to play ground servers is amazing! I've been asking myself why i never subscribed. Let me stop now :-), here goes...I love Linux Academy
Image of ahmedelshemy
3 weeks ago
I Love LA for sure.
Image of grspiv
3 weeks ago
Yes, there are so many different subjects here that you can learn, and with the hands on labs to reinforce what you've learned, as well as the Cloud Playground, you can't go wrong with the subscription.
Image of mikebunch
3 weeks ago
Thank you very much, this is why I am happy to work here!
Image of icampos94
3 weeks ago
Linux Academy helps me a lot to improve mi professional carrer, so, yes ! Love it !
Image of hodberman
2 weeks ago
I have tried other programs and I am so glad that I have now found Linux Academy. The content here and the labs are fantastic. I am learning a ton of great info daily. Already passed one exam after 1 week of LA. Moving on to my next one now.