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9 months ago

Interactive Diagram

I can not download the interactive diagram as referenced in the cloud essentials course.  Help

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9 months ago
Hi, in the 'Downloads' section of the course you will find the link to it, however, here it is for you!
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6 months ago

Hi there! I tries to download the course diagram, but it always hangs at about 90% completion :( Please advise/check.

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2 weeks ago
Petr - I discovered it is the cookies. 
Unless I am completely wrong and linuxacademy has a better explanation, here is what I discovered in my troubleshooting (which is what I do in my career).
First, it is not primarily your network or your AV/anti-malware software - it is the use of cookies.

In chrome, you HAVE TO allow 3rd party cookies in order for 3rd parties to save / read cookies (which is a huge security risk) and then go back to blocking 3rd party cookies &
In firefox, you CAN block 3rd party cookies but you must explicitly allow:
a) &
--- for the download to complete.
Unfortunately, after you do the download, you will not be able to find the diagram on your laptop/pc anywhere, I am still trying to find it.
--- Would love linuxacademy to tell us where to find the download... (it does not go to my specified download directory in chrome or firefox.)
You'll just be able to view the interactive diagrams while you are online ONLY and NOT offline as we all want to be able to do.
What I have done, is log in to my Lucidchart account, come back to Linuxacademy - THEN download the diagram, or attempted to - it only downloads the page you're on...  I cannot locate the download on my PC...
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2 weeks ago

One more thing, the primary reason I believe you cannot download AND save the is:

Due to the interactive nature of the diagrams - linuxacademy is not able to allow us to export them for download.