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9 months ago

What Does it take to actually land a Cloud Job?

I see a lot about the certifications, and I know a lot of people are coming from an IT background, But for someone Coming coming from a Stats and Math background, What does it take to actually be good enough to land a job? I have seen some stories of people having all 3 Associate level certs and still can't find a job. Is a professional Cert the only way to get your foot in the door if you have no practical experience? What other Certs would serve as a resume booster? I am looking into Linux and Dockers-Kubernetes

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9 months ago
Volenteering to non-profits for Cloud projects is a good way to get experience and resume material.   Our learning paths at Linux Academy also help make sure you are prepared for a job, rather than just being able to pass the test (Granted many certs are awesome and very helpful too).  Networking social media is also a great idea. 
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9 months ago
ps . Our learning paths can be found here:

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9 months ago
Hey Mureese! Great question! 

Everyone's path is different. Some start as a helpdesk technician and work their way into a developer or engineering role.  Some start in one department, and because of their initiative in assisting in other areas, move roles entirely. 

I think it all comes down to whether you've been exposed to the problems facing IT departments, and whether you have the knowledge to apply what you know to implement a solution.

role-based certifications, like the Certified Solutions Architect - Associate, help you get into that frame of mind and present you with problems and ask you what AWS service would fit in to provide the solution.

There is no defined path, but keep these principles in mind, and you will always be successful:
1.) Identify the pain-points for the company and try to show how you can alleviate these pains and provide solutions. Is company X using VMs instead of containers? How could you explain the benefits of containers and save them infrastructure costs?
2.) Go through exercises or expose yourself to the problems that are facing Cloud Engineers.  Do they need to accelerate the deployment process, do they need to be more efficient with resource utilization, etc.
3. ) Talk to the people who have the job you want. This is useful for yourself, in trying to figure out if a "cloud job" is really where you want to be.  You can do this by going to meetups, reaching out to people on Linkedin, or talking to someone in your organization where you currently work.

I hope this helps. Feel free to respond to this post or send me an email and I would love to help you more.