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11 months ago

Migraine from 'at' Utility

For some reason, I can't get my 'at' utility logger command to run properly, yet that exact logger command will run fine outside of at.

I'm running everything as root, yet it still logs as 'cloud_user,' telling me this is potentially a permissions issue with cloud_user executing the logger command from within at, but I'm lost from there. What's the deal? (Sorry for the lack of fomatting in my output. Edge hates me and the desktop admins won't fix Firefox.)
[root@jwickenhofer1c ~]# at now

at> logger "LOGTHIS"

at> <EOT>

job 19 at Fri Nov 16 12:21:00 2018

[root@jwickenhofer1c ~]# journalctl | grep LOGTHIS
#Didn't find it

[root@jwickenhofer1c ~]# logger "LOGTHIS"

[root@jwickenhofer1c ~]# journalctl | grep LOGTHIS

Nov 16 12:22:15 cloud_user[2808]: LOGTHIS
#Did find it

Image of autonomicit
11 months ago
I had the exact same experience this morning when running logger with at.
Image of jwickenhofer
11 months ago
Bumping just in case this got overlooked. Neil and myself would love to hear back on this. I haven't been able to find an answer yet.