11 months ago

Which AWS (Cloud) Certifications ?

I would appreciate if you can make a separate video on the certifications required for someone doing AWS cloud courses...

I have completed 
AWS concepts
AWS Essentials
AWS Cloud practitioner
AWS CompTIA (although i did not understand the course)

Now which certifications shall  i  go for as i have done the above courses.
What shall I do next in order to move on  to make my career in cloud computing and securing a job..

Image of mmcclaren
11 months ago

This is a great question. The first certificate in the progression is usually the  AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate. This one covers the nuts and bolts of AWS and how it works under the hood. This is the one that a majority of employers that I have had experience with are looking for. 
From there it is up to you, I took the Developer associate next, but you may have other priorities. 
Take a look at the job postings that you are interested in. Ask the recruiters what they think is the most marketable for your areas of interest. Good Luck!
Image of vineetramdayal
11 months ago
what about the Linux Essentials certification, and Cloud practitioner certification.......
DO i need the above 2 to get a good back up
or only one associate certification as you explained
Image of nynhex
11 months ago
Hey Vineet.  Linux Essentials is definitely a good foundation to have since Linux is commonplace in the AWS ecosystem.