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1 year ago

'DevOps Engineer'?

I am new to IT and DevOps. From this course I understand that 'DevOps' is a work culture, originated from Agile. It is not a position.
However, in different organisation I see there are DevOps Engineer. What does it mean, what do they do? Are they doing Dev, or Op? Where is the line differenciating these two, or is there something inbetween known as 'DevOps'?

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1 year ago
For me it's quite funny and bit annoying at the same time. I've looked quite some job offers for DevOps Enginners and had some interviews and it looks like a big mess. My personal impressions is that DevOps engineers is something fluid, so for each offer you need to carefully read description and duties. I've seen offers where DevOps would be Java developer who will also be responsible for some of administration or at least application part like docker and actual application server; I've seen offers that was just Linux Admin + cloud technologies; I've seen offers where DevOps engineer was actually Cloud Architect. 

I personally interpret DevOps engineer as a all-in-one person, working in evirnment without beurecracy, that has all needed tools to quickly deploy environments and applications assuring stablity, and who should be be really focused on automation.

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1 year ago
Hey Samiul! Great question! 

Even though DevOps is a methodology, rather than a set of tools or a specific function, Employers may still list the job title as DevOps Engineer.  If you look at the job descriptions, here are some common responsibilities you will see:
- automating for continuous integration and continuous deployment of applications or services
- migrating on-prem systems to a cloud provider or building infrastructure in the cloud (i.e. AWS)
- work with teams to share configurations using a version control system (i.e. git)
- setup monitoring systems to detect failure and automate responses to alerts
- work with infrastructure as code to minimize the time it takes to build the underlying infrastructure for an application or service
- maintain high availability and fault tolerance in any infrastructure as a service components
- protecting data and optimizing the access to that data to authorized parties

In my opinion, the best course for explaining what kinds of problems you will solve as a DevOps Engineer is the Cloud Foundry Certified Developer course:

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10 months ago
Hi Chad,

Thanks a lot! It explains very well. Thanks for referring to the CFCD course, I have started doing it now.