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1 year ago

Unable to resolve the hostname


I'm stuck while creating an etcd cluster. When I try to execute below commands. I get an error message saying 

'sudo: unable to resolve host  <host name>'. Is there a DNS problem with lab servers or did I do something wrong?

sudo mv etcd-v3.3.5-linux-amd64/etcd* /usr/local/bin/

sudo mkdir -p /etc/etcd /var/lib/etcd

sudo cp ca.pem kubernetes-key.pem kubernetes.pem /etc/etcd/

Image of seang
1 year ago
What hostname is it displaying? You might try editing your /etc/hosts file directly and use the internal ip address of your servers. We block most public ports, but the internal ports are left pretty open between your servers.
Image of wboyd
1 year ago
Is this a Linux Academy cloud server, or is it a lab server? Can you post the contents of the file /etc/hosts?