12 months ago

AWS Solutions Architect

Hi Guys, I have an networking and support background, is it worth my time doing the AWS Cloud Practitioners Cert or just dive straight into the AWS Solution Architect cert?

Also where can i find the detailed core syllabus/Course  objectives for both certifications.  Before i start I'd like to gain an understanding of what knowledge is required and list those in detail creating a roadmap before doing the course. if there is an official AWS document out there, it'll be great.

many thanks

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12 months ago
Hi Rahim! 

If you already have some background already with AWS I'd suggest starting with the AWS Solutions Architect Course and certification. If you feel like there is too much knowledge assumed or the material is a bit too difficult after you start the CSA course then take a step back and try the Cloud Practitioner certification first.

For more information about each certification, there will actually be a video that specifically addresses that in either course. I'd say watch those videos for both and then see which sounds like a better fit. Given what you've mentioned above it sounds like you're in a decent place to start the CSA prep course.