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1 year ago

Passed the AWS Developer Associate 2018

One more out of the way. It's only been about an hour, so I've only gotten the confirmation email that I passed, but no scores yet.

Yet, while the impressions are still fresh in my mind, I wanted to give feedback, also as I promised  @fernandomc .

1) While the Dev exam used to have a reputation for being the gimme among the AWS exams, I would emphatically say this is no longer the case with the June 2018 onward exams.
2) You may find that it still helps to have taken the Solution Architect first, as some of the knowledge you needed there will come in handy.
3) Sadly - and I hope LA takes this as constructive feedback - I found that neither the practise exam nor the flashcards sufficiently covered the scope of the "new" questions:

a) I was hammered with Lambda, API Gateway and CloudFormation.
b) Relatively little DynamoDB (and those generally in the context of the previous ones).
c) If I hadn't already been working with all of these on a daily basis and therefore was familiar with the more detailed workings, I would have been in trouble. I *felt* I was in trouble as it was! :D
d) in the stress of a moment there were a couple of times when I thought I had the wrong exam: they were very SysOp-like!  Ouch!
e) when I mean "hammered", we are really talking about the details of end-to-end deployment of entire stacks of Lambda packages with event trigger configuration, back-ends and troubleshooting with CloudWatch. All wrapped into Cloudformation templates (yes, both the exam questions and the possible answers were quite lengthy).
f) a lot of permissions, authentication, encryption questions. Know your IAM roles, know how KMS works, know S3 encryption

4) I'm not sure if this is criticism or praise, but this time around, the actual *course* had everything you need, with few additional info needed from whitepapers or similar. Meaning, maybe watch the videos a few more times than you normally would. Really dive into the labs. The practise exam, at this time, isn't quite sufficient.

So, to summarise:

- don't just watch the course videos once and tick them off once you got the intermediary mini-exams done
- do the labs (yes, of course, you're supposed to) and go *beyond* them. Experiment, set yourself actual projects and deploy them. Treat them as if this was something you'd be doing for work where performance, uptime and security are top.
- at this time, treat the exams as a minimum baseline and hope that newer flashcards cover things like Lambda and API gateway more than they currently do.

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1 year ago
congratulations, i think all 3 aws certification "can" be deal as 1. To go deeper : with LA there deep dive (IAM, Cloudformation, Lambda) + fullstack (servelless); all in the aws track. It is not easy but i think it can be helpfull to synthetise sub-directorie in one track. Before going technicall. On the opposit, doing course+exercise+lab require a pencil a paper (see it on the front page of LA) & memorization to agregate all the technical point. This iterativ movment synthetise & after technic, + technic & after synthetise, must be done 2/3 a week. Guess what??? it is absolutely NOT a surprise. With LA it is very clear, professionnal efficient. But think about ccie, think about rhca cloud or devops (puppet PLUS ansible !!!) the same complexity. It is sytem design & system thinking (software system + engeener + complexity) ====>a.r.c.h.i.t.e.c.t solution.  There is no miracle. But again the course with LA are very well done, and efficient.  Final thought : IT always need a long time of preparation before exponential growth, see aws or red hat history stock chart, people who tell you, you can construct a  rocket with a bathtub & 1 elastic in few day are liar &/or french crook. No better way than hard work !!!! 
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1 year ago
Congratulations, Michael!  You are correct, the labs are a crticial part of preparing for any exam.
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1 year ago
Well done!
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1 year ago
Congrats, Michael! And thanks for the great feedback.
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1 year ago
Great job Michael!  Congrats.
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1 year ago
Nice work,  Michael!
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1 year ago
Congrats, Michael!
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1 year ago
Well done, Michael!  Excellent feedback as well!
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1 year ago
Well done, Michael!  And thank you for your feedback!
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1 year ago
Magnificent, Michael - both your accomplishment and your feedback! Congratulations and thanks!
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1 year ago
Congrats, Michael! Thanks for the feedback. It's interesting to read there wasn't a lot of DynamoDB on this version. 
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1 year ago
Great feedback on this exam! Congrats on passing!
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1 year ago

Nice going Michael!

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1 year ago
Woohoo!  Congrats, Michael!
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1 year ago
Thanks for the feedback. Congratulations on passing!!
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1 year ago
Way to go and thanks for sharing your feedback!
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1 year ago
Congrats, nice job!
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1 year ago

woohoo! Great job Michael!

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1 year ago
Great news, Michael! Congratulations!!
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1 year ago
Awesome job Michael!
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1 year ago
Congrats, Michael!
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1 year ago
Major props!
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1 year ago
Congrats on your pass, Michael! Thank you for your feedback and tips. 
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1 year ago

That is awesome, congrats  Michael!

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1 year ago
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1 year ago
Nice job and writeup!
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1 year ago
Thanks for the great feedback, and congratulations on your new cert!
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1 year ago
Hello  @marakai ,

First, congrats on passing!

Second, thanks for the detailed feedback on your experience with the exam! Because of your suggestions, I decided to spend today adding additional flashcards related to concepts you felt were covered less completely in our current flashcard deck for the exam. I'd like to be sure that the entire course and course materials prepare folks for the level of detail on the newer version of the exam. I'm also hoping to spend a little bit of time writing a few more questions for the final exam.

Do you mind my asking how many times you took our final practice exam? For these certification courses, we write more questions than actually appear in a single test taking - in other words, we encourage folks to take our practice exam multiple times because it will scramble together different questions from a larger pool of questions.

On DynamoDB specifically - Sounds like you missed out! Those are my favorite questions! And I've heard/seen mixed levels of DynamoDB detail on this exam. We include lots of detail because we've heard there can be many DynamoDB questions - sounds like your exam version might have missed them.

Also, thanks a lot for the video feedback. Glad to hear that the videos were as comprehensive as you hoped!

My best,
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1 year ago
We appreciate the feedback, there is always room for us to improve!
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1 year ago
Way to go, Michael! Thanks for sharing what worked for you :) 
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1 year ago
Congratulations Michael! Excellent job and thank you for the feedback!
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1 year ago
Keep up the good work!
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1 year ago
Congrats and thank you for the very thoughtful feedback.  We appreciate it!
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1 year ago
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1 year ago
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1 year ago
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1 year ago
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1 year ago
 @fernandomc I was going to check how often I took the exam, but it seems after deleting my course schedule I no longer can! Instead of Cloudassessments I get directed to the beta site and get nothing but a blank screen. Looks like some bug.

From memory: I took the practise exam once a day for 2 weeks. Some times twice, but generally took a breather on weekends, lest I drive myself insane. The very first one, spontaneously taken before I'd even finished the course, I failed. All other attempts were pass, with 2 of those 100% of the others only one lower than 90%. Generally, most were in the 98-99% range: I too often overlook when it's a 2-answer question and unlike the "real thing" LA doesn't a) use a different radio box/tick box (square vs round) and b) doesn't prevent you from proceeding if you only ticked one box.

I received my exam scores and...... oh boy.... 727 points with a 720 pass requirement. Literally one question must have decided pass vs fail! For comparison: my CSA score was 85% and I prepared about the same amount and duration.

So yeah: based on my prep work and comparison with the CSA course and exam, I had reason to believe I was very well prepared. Which is why the actual exam blindsided me; it was quite a disconnect. There were few moments of "oh right, I remember that from the practise exam" or "oooh, there was a flashcard on that". Very few! It was sheer luck, karma or pigheadedness that there were just enough moments of "I've actually done that at work recently" and "I dimly remember that from the course video". Just enough! :)

One other way of looking at it, I suppose, is that AWS do say that you should have at least a year of hands-on experience. This was therefore *very* true here. Having only started with real AWS dev work less than 6 months ago I was lacking the sheer "been there, done that".

Going by that, I think the course would benefit from *more* of the Big Lab exercise, of which currently there is only one. 4 or 5 end-to-end deployment labs with everything and the kitchen sink - with some mean troubleshooting curveballs thrown in. I believe I had seen a "quest" or something like that. I now wish I'd taken that.
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1 year ago
I got a 60 on the practice exam from AWS.  The practice exam was tough. Mirroring the above post, you really have to use it day to day I think.
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1 year ago
Thanks for the feedback. Congrats!
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1 year ago
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1 year ago
Yeah! Way to go, Michael!
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1 year ago
Congratulations, Michael! Great job!
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1 year ago

Congratulations Michael!

I’d love to endorse/recommend you on LinkedIn if you want. All you have to do is add me as a connection and add Linux Academy as your school. Once you do that, post a picture of your cert about passing in your feed and reference me within the original post. Once I see this, I’ll be able to recommend you for your hard work on your LinkedIn profile.




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1 year ago
oh , I have exam in a couple od days time and I got scared reading this post:(
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1 year ago
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10 months ago
Unfortunately, I've failed twice. Got some quesitons about Kenisis, Cognito and Swagger, which are not dicussed in detail during the course. The course is great, but felt that is not covering everything we need for the exam. 
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10 months ago
Congrats on the pass! Thank you for all the great feedback as well!
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10 months ago
Congrats, Michael! Great feedback!