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1 year ago

Delete Route53 zone created by ECS service discovery

The resource hostedzone/Z1OWcan only be managed through (arn:aws:servicediscovery:us-east-1:561660628307:namespace/ns-c6lvlchj2gbcsobc)
I am not able to delete a zone created by ECS service discovery. How can I delete this zone in Route53?

Image of anthony
1 year ago
If the service is what created the zone. I suspect the service will have to be what deletes the zone and can't be done manually.
Image of richard-d818a05a
1 year ago
Using the aws-cli have a look at:

$ aws servicediscovery list-services

If there are services hanging around the in the NS you cant delete then you could try:

$ aws servicediscovery delete-service --id=<id-from-list-output>

Then when you have no services left in the NS you could:

$ aws servicediscovery delete-namespace --id=<ns-id>

Route 53 entries for this NS should then tidy themselves up.