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2 years ago

Passed Certified Kubernetes Administrator

I used the following resources:

- LA course
Kubernetes in Action by Marko Luksa
- The Linux Foundations LFS258 Course
- Kelsey Hightowers Kubernetes the Hard Way
- Kubernetes Cheat Sheet

I spent a lot of time practicing in labs that I built from Kubernetes the Hard Way and kubeadm. Using kubeadm is nice for a lot of things, but the experience building your own clusters helps out a lot during the troubleshooting sections of the exam. 

Being able to create objects such as Deployments, Pods, etc using YAML is very helpful, but being able to generate YAML by using "kubectl get [object] -o yaml" can be a time saver. I tried to remember how to manually create every objects via YAML by memory and it came in helpful. 

For documentation, I used and "kubectl explain". Both have their advantages depending on the situation.  You should be familar with the Kubernetes documentation so when you pull it up, you know where to go. Usually you can search what you're looking for and it will be the first hit. Then you can scroll to the section you need. It's probably a bad sign if you're hitting a documentation page for the first time during the same. I did this twice :(

Definitely read the handbook and tips PDFs that are provided when you register for the exam.  They will describe the clusters you'll be working with and you can get some insight on what problems you'll face just by looking at the clusters.

Lastly, during my studying homestretch, I tried to make it as much like the exam as possible. You're only allowed to have one terminal, one app (Chrome) and two tabs opened (one for the test and one for I tried to get used to just having this setup so I wouldn't accidentally open more tabs and go somewhere I shouldn't.

Hope this helps. Thanks Chad Miller and LA.

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2 years ago
Thanks for the tips, Chris! And Congrats on the pass!
Image of davidcoy
2 years ago
Congrats, Chris!
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2 years ago
Great write up! Thank you very much for sharing your experiences and congratulations on your certification!
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2 years ago
Image of trent
2 years ago
Nice work, Chris! Thanks for the feedback about your experience.
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2 years ago
Congratulations, Chris!
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2 years ago
Great work, Chris!  I'm really happy you did well!  What's next for you?
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2 years ago
Nice work!
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2 years ago
How extraordinary
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2 years ago
Excellent work! Kelsey Hightower is awesome. Which certification is next for you?
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2 years ago
Congrats, Chris!
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2 years ago
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2 years ago
Nice work Chris! And thanks for the detailed feedback, this is really helpful!
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2 years ago
Well done Chris! Awesome feedback for us and other students as well! Thank you!
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2 years ago
Congratulations, Chris, and thank you for sharing your feedback and experience!!
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2 years ago
Nice job!
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2 years ago
Way to go, Chris!
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2 years ago
Yeah! Way to go, Chris!
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2 years ago

We’re so glad you enjoyed our course! Thank you for your detailed feedback about your process and the exam.

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2 years ago

Well done Chris!

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2 years ago
Nice work!
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2 years ago
Keep up the good work!
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2 years ago
Super job and thanks for the tips!
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2 years ago
Well done, Chris. And thanks so much for the poiners.
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2 years ago
Way to go, Chris and thanks for the feedback!
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2 years ago
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2 years ago
Awesome!  Congrats, Chris!
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2 years ago
Good job, Chris!
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2 years ago
Congratulations, Chris! Thanks for the recommendations as well! I am sure people will find them useful.
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2 years ago
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2 years ago

Congratulations Chris!

I’d love to endorse/recommend you on LinkedIn if you want. All you have to do is add me as a connection and add Linux Academy as your school. Once you do that, post a picture of your cert about passing in your feed and reference me within the original post. Once I see this, I’ll be able to recommend you for your hard work on your LinkedIn profile.



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