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2 years ago

Passed AWS CSA Assoc

I made it! After being certain I flunked it (because the question were so different from the course material/practise exams), I actually ended up with an 85%.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not dissing the course videos. Even less the practise exams - it's not that surprising they aren't an exact replica of the real exam. They did help by sheer repetition (I lost count how many I did For Practise and can't be bothered to look up how many I did For Real), but I believe what really got me over the line were flashcard decks. Over and over. And the advice to read the whitepapers.

Interestingly enough I got a mere 40% in one area, balanced by a 97% and 100% in two others. That was enough, together with the fourth area, to secure the decent overall score, likely due to the higher weighting of the ones I did well on.

So, my summary for others:

- do the practise exams until you want to scream, not just the 3 required times. Do them until you consistently score >90% every time, no exceptions, no outliers.
- flashcards, flashcards, flashcards.
- for heaven's sake, read those AWS whitepapers. All Of Them! There are nuggets in there that will promptly pop up in the exam. Out of the way details that can't and aren't being covered in the course. They *will* pop up like an inverted rake you left on the lawn and which you will promptly step on.

Image of davidcoy
2 years ago
Congrats, Michael and your feedback is great!
Image of craiga
2 years ago
Great job, Michael. And great feedback!
Image of kennyarmstrong
2 years ago
Good job, Michael!
Image of latrejas
2 years ago
Great work, Michael! Thanks for the feedback.
Image of ellejaclyn
2 years ago
Congratulations, Michael!
Image of andru
2 years ago
Great job, and great advice! Congrats on your pass!
Image of keiththomps
2 years ago
Congratulations Michael! Thanks for the advice.
Image of scotttravis
2 years ago
Heh, I'm digging your metaphors, Michael. :-) Thanks for passing on  the tips, and congrats on passing!
Image of wayde
2 years ago
Great job! Congrats!
Image of winnieguan
2 years ago
Hard work pays off - congrats on the achievement, Michael! And thank you for the tips for future test-takers!
Image of chadrm
2 years ago
High five!
Image of jlowerynyc
2 years ago
Great advice, Michael! Congratulations for pulling it all together :)
Image of khawton
2 years ago
AWSome job and cngratulations Michael! Thank you for sharing your feedback and experience!
Image of trent
2 years ago
Nice work, Michael! Congrats!
Image of seang
2 years ago
What a rockstar ! Did you take the updated version maybe? Our course is still set for the prior version which is available until August. We're working on updates to match the new objectives.
Image of koufax
2 years ago
Congratulations, Michael! Love the rake analogy that you used there at the end. Good luck on your next journey!
Image of wboyd
2 years ago
Great work, Michael!
Image of fernandomc
2 years ago
Awesome work Michael! Congrats on passing - sounds like your hard work paid off!
Image of tthomsen
2 years ago

Your hard work paid off Michael! What’s next for you?

Image of amy
2 years ago
Image of mspearson
2 years ago
What a great feeling! Congrats!
Image of klewis
2 years ago
Great job, Michael!
Image of drumpat01
2 years ago
Image of jamesh-00127635
2 years ago

Congrats Michael! So glad to be a part of your journey! " They *will* pop up like an inverted rake you left on the lawn and which you will promptly step on." Has me giggling.

Image of davisengeler
2 years ago
Congrats! It always feels good to see a good result after thinking you did poorly. Is this your first certification? That's some awesome advice, too.
Image of acostanzo
2 years ago
Great job!
Image of abaliem
2 years ago
Nice work! Congratulations on such great success!
Image of trilliams
2 years ago
Congratulations, Michael!
Image of shawnarudd
2 years ago
Congratulations Michael...and thank you for sharing the details of your "learning" and "testing" experiences...great advice!
Image of manga
2 years ago
Image of shahkayur
2 years ago
Congrats Michael!  did you take the new version (2018) or the old version of the SA test?
Image of marakai
2 years ago
 @shahkayur I played it safe and chose the old version as it matched the current LA course.

It seems there may be a similar transition for the Developer Associate, so it will be interesting how quickly LA adjust their course.
Image of braun0
2 years ago
Woohoo!  Congrats, Michael!
Image of aschae
2 years ago
AWSome, Michael!  You did it!
Image of shirleymartin
2 years ago
Great score!  Congrats to you and thanks for the helpful advice to students.
Image of anthony
2 years ago

Congratulations Micheal!

I’d love to endorse/recommend you on LinkedIn if you want. All you have to do is add me as a connection and add Linux Academy as your school. Once you do that, post a picture of your cert about passing in your feed and reference me within the original post. Once I see this, I’ll be able to recommend you for your hard work on your LinkedIn profile.



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