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2 years ago

Passed Chef Basic Fluency Exam with 80%

Reposting as achievement: I passed the Chef Basic Fluency Exam. My feedback on Linux Academy's Training:

This course did a good job getting me started. I believe most topics covered on LA's course was on the exam.

I never used Chef before, and I studied for about a week and a half. The course did go over all the essentials. My only concern that LA did not provide exercises. For me to fully grasp a concept, I have to use the tools. Although I did follow the instructors in-video procedures, I think having practice exercies (similar to other LA courses) is benefical to grasp concepts.

I also used LearnChef Rally (which is free) to perform alot of exercises, this helped me understand concepts better.

Last thing for anyone seeking to get this badge. Follow the study topics found at chef's website ( I literally went through each scope topic listed, and wrote bullet points for each. Chef Rally exercises are found in the link as well.

Overall, the exam was not difficult. As long as you watch LA's videos, use Chef Rally, and go over the study topics guide, the exam should be passable on first attempt.

Image of wayde
2 years ago
Great job! Congrats!
Image of keiththomps
2 years ago
Congratulations! There's quite a lot to learn to get started and have a clear picture of how the whole system works. Great work.
Image of trent
2 years ago
Nice work, Ernesto! Thanks for the feedback...these types of student experience reports are valuable to us.
Image of klewis
2 years ago
Great job, Ernesto!
Image of khawton
2 years ago
Congratulations, Ernesto, and thank you for sharing your experience!
Image of acostanzo
2 years ago
Well done!
Image of fernandomc
2 years ago
Ernesto, that's awesome! Congrats!
Image of wboyd
2 years ago
Great work, Ernesto!
Image of nicholashendrix
2 years ago
Fantastic Ernesto! Congratulations on your achievement!!
Image of koufax
2 years ago
Congratulations on passing your Chef Fluency Exam, Ernesto! Best of luck on your next adventure!
Image of seang
2 years ago
Bust out your happy dance!
Image of amy
2 years ago
Congrats here as well
Image of tthomsen
2 years ago

Well done Ernesto!

Image of trilliams
2 years ago
Way to go, Ernesto!
Image of braun0
2 years ago
Awesome!  Great job, Ernesto!
Image of drumpat01
2 years ago
Image of ellejaclyn
2 years ago
Congratulations, Ernesto! And thank you for your feedback!
Image of vaanshadow
2 years ago
congrats and thanks for sharing your path!!!
Image of jlowerynyc
2 years ago
All hail the Chef! Congratulations Ernesto!
Image of pzona
2 years ago
Great job Ernesto!
Image of jamesh-00127635
2 years ago
Congrats Ernesto thanks so much for the feedback on how you learn and how we can help you learn better. We don't let that feedback go unnoticed.
Image of craiga
2 years ago
Congrats, Ernesto!
Image of kennyarmstrong
2 years ago
Good job, Ernesto!
Image of scoldham
2 years ago
Thanks for the feedback, Ernesto.  Congratulations!
Image of mspearson
2 years ago
Well done!!!!!
Image of andru
2 years ago
That is awesome, congrats!!
Image of nicholashendrix
2 years ago
Congrats Ernest, and thank you for the great feedback!
Image of kmaine
2 years ago
Wow, nice job Ernesto.
Image of latrejas
2 years ago
Great work Ernesto! Thank you for the feedback.
Image of khawton
2 years ago
Thank you for sharing your feedback and experience. Congratulations, Ernesto!
Image of davisengeler
2 years ago
It's great to hear you passed, Ernesto! Thanks for your feedback. We're working hard to bring more and more hands-on stuff to play with since, as you said, it's one of the best ways to really grasp a topic. Keep up your hard work and I'm looking forward to seeing your next achievement. :D
Image of shirleymartin
2 years ago
Congrats to you and thank you for the feedback.  It is helpful to other students and to LA!