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Passed RedHat Certified Engineer 7 - EX300

A quick thank you to the team here for providing me with all the groundwork needed to pass this exam. This is not the easiest exam in the world and time management is key. You will not only have to know your stuff but know how to do this efficently and fast. 

The exam covers on pretty much all the big topics so you will have to know them all really well. I can't say too much more about the exam but a good guide is to follow the materials they give you here and supplement it with perhaps one or two more things. 

Sander Van Vugt has  decent materials and if you can get your hand on the offical RH training material PDF's all the better. 

Surprised I got 300/300 as there was the odd one or two things I was unsure about but 300 is the same as 210, a pass is a pass. If there are questions I will try asking them as far as the NDA allows me to.

Not sure where to go next, AWS vs Azure? Any ideas?

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1 year ago
That's totally excellent, Ultan - congratulations! Thanks for sharing your experience - and that 300/300! Woohoo!
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1 year ago
Great work, Ultan!
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1 year ago
Congrats, Ultan!
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1 year ago
Very well done!
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1 year ago
Nice work, Ultan!
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1 year ago

Great job Ultan!

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1 year ago
Congratulations, Ultan!
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1 year ago
Way to go!
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1 year ago
Nice work, Ultan! As for your AWS vs. Azure question, it depends. I prefer AWS because of the size of the ecosystem and the number of opportunities it opens up, but Azure has come so far in the past few years that if you're looking to learn a major cloud platform, it's pretty much about personal preference. If you're looking to get certified to further your career, check out a few job postings and see what the companies you might apply to are using - AWS has the larger market share by most measures, but plenty of large companies use Azure as well. If you're planning to keep training with Linux Academy (and I hope you are!) you'll find a lot more material on AWS than Azure... at least for now :) 

Congratulations again, and good luck with the next stage of your training!
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1 year ago
Nice job Ultan! Congrats!
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1 year ago
Perfect score! Nice job!
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1 year ago
Awesome. Congrats!
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1 year ago
Wow! Amazing work! Congratulations, Ultan!!
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1 year ago
Congrats, Ultan!
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1 year ago
Great job!
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1 year ago
Congrats! AWS is still bigger, but Azure is gaining steam. I'd say AWS for now as it's generally easier to get into.
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1 year ago
Perfect score, nice work!
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1 year ago
NIce work!
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1 year ago
Congratulations, Ultan!
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1 year ago
Awesome job Ultan!
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1 year ago
Woohoo!  Congrats, Ultan!
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1 year ago
Way to go, Ultan!!
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1 year ago
Congratulations, Ultan!
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1 year ago
Congrats to you!
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1 year ago
Congrats! I would go with AWS... Good Luck!

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1 year ago
Congrats Ultan!
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1 year ago

Congratulations Ultan!

I’d love to endorse/recommend you on LinkedIn if you want. All you have to do is add me as a connection and add Linux Academy as your school. Once you do that, post a picture of your cert about passing in your feed and reference me within the original post. Once I see this, I’ll be able to recommend you for your hard work on your LinkedIn profile.



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Hello Anthony, Thanks for the message of support. I have sent you an invitation to connect to my profile. Let me know if you recieved it. Ultan