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2 years ago

LPIC-1 Cert

Just recieved notification today.  Some thoughts on the tests:

LX0-103 was intentionally designed to fail people.  Its the worst case scenario of ambiguous questions and tricky answers.  Whem you think you are ready for this test, take another week and memorize the study guide.  I knew this test was going to be tough so I studied really hard for it, still on got a 620.

LX0-104 was more conventional.  The multiple-choice questions (with a few notable exceptions) were relativly straight-forward.  The answers were easy if you studied.  Which brings me to the fill-in-the-blank questions.  These were hard.  I had 16 of them on my test, YMMV.  There wer two that i was totaly blank.  Word to the wise: memorize the study guide to the point ou are dreaming about it. Passed with 630.

Hope this helps anyone else going for Linux+/LPIC-1.  I would have found these observations very useful when I was studying.  Next on deck: LPIC-2.  I take the 201 test next week so wish me luck!


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2 years ago
Congratulations Mark! Thank you for the pointers also.
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2 years ago
Nice job!
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2 years ago
First - Congratulations! Way to persevere!

Second, great advice. I think once you complete the course, the two most valuable things you can do are (1) complete ALL labs, multiple times and (2) download and MEMORIZE the study guide! Yes, the guide is long, but I guarantee it covers anything you will run into on both exams. Additionally, the same material in the study guide is replicated on the flash cards, that may work better for some people since it is in more bite-sized chunks to memorize.

Congratulations again!
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2 years ago
Congrats, Mark!
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2 years ago
Good job, Mark!  We appreciate the tips as well from your experiences with the exams.  I wish you well on your next exam!
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2 years ago
Awesome job, Mark!
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2 years ago
Congrats, Mark!
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2 years ago
Awesome!  Congrats, Mark!
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2 years ago
Great job, Mark!
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2 years ago
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2 years ago
Great work, Mark!
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2 years ago

Congratulations Mark! Best of luck as you continue!

I’d love to endorse/recommend you on LinkedIn if you want. All you have to do is add me as a connection and add Linux Academy as your school. Once you do that, post a picture of your cert about passing in your feed and reference me within the original post. Once I see this, I’ll be able to recommend you for your hard work on your LinkedIn profile.



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2 years ago