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2 years ago

Passed LPIC-1

Thanks to the awesome content at LA and to Terry Cox for creating a great course, I was able to pass the LPIC-1. This is not the first time I have tried to venture into Linux (my day job is networking), but this is the first time I have found something structured enough to take me from novice to certified.

Once again, no surprise that Terry's videos were right on point. I did not use the flash cards this time but that was because I was experimenting with something I realized while preparing for exam 1. And that is no matter how much labbing you carry out (and I did more than my fair share, sorry to keep 4 cloud servers busy almost around the clock :) ), at the end of the day, to pass the exam, the study guide must be memorized. So this time around, as I completed each section, I went through the study guide and created my own Anki flash cards out of them. In my opinion, they were invaluable. I ended up with a deck of over a hundred cards that I plan to share at Ankiweb. 

The feedback is the same as the last time - "One major feedback I have is the exam is very densly populated with non-multiple-choice fill-in-the-blank questions. It would be a good idea to add these types of questions to the LA practice exams".

All other questions on the practice exam were very much inline with what was being asked on the exam.

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2 years ago
Congratulations, Nic! Thanks for the feedback!
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2 years ago
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2 years ago
Congrats, Nic!
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2 years ago
Thanks for the kind words, the feedback and sharing your experience. Most importantly, congratulations on your success!
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2 years ago
Way to go Nic! Thanks for your insights, too.
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2 years ago
Congratulations, Nic!
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2 years ago
Nice work, Nic!
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2 years ago
Great Work, Nic!  What's next for you?
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2 years ago
Well done!
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2 years ago
Congratulations, Nic! Thank you for your feedback.
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2 years ago
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2 years ago

Great job Nic! Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

I’d love to endorse/recommend you on LinkedIn if you want. All you have to do is add me as a connection and add Linux Academy as your school. Once you do that, post a picture of your cert about passing in your feed and reference me within the original post. Once I see this, I’ll be able to recommend you for your hard work on your LinkedIn profile.



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2 years ago
Congratulations Nic! These kind of post really make us proud of our students and the hard work you all put in.
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2 years ago
Congrats, Nic!
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2 years ago
Excellent work, Nic!
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2 years ago
Great feedback for others.
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2 years ago
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2 years ago
Awesome! Thank you for the feedback and Congratulations! 
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2 years ago
Way to go!