2 years ago

Passed RHCSA + my experience

Hi all, 

Passed my RHCSA thanks to Linux Academy. I am pretty relieved cuz this exam has been on my mind for a couple months. Phew!

I am a little annoyed that I didn't finish a few qs on the exam but (thankfully) still managed to pass (barely). I was annoyed because the stuff I didn't finish, I knew well, but didn't manage my time properly with something I got stuck on in the early part of the exam. So I just simply ran out of time.

Without wanting to break NDA, I struggled with something realllllly silly (syntax I think but still googling to see what I missed) with nmcli. I then ended up using nmtui for a piece of it which I was trying to avoid cuz wasn't sure if I'd get docked points for using nmtui. As a result, wasted way too much time on one tiny piece of a task. In honesty, it was silly of me because I knew I could have easily finished the task with nmtui, but my ego got in the way and I wanted to prove to myself I could use nmcli...only to use nmtui in the end :'D. 

My advice for future people writing the exam:

- if you are trying to configure something but it's not working or something seems off, but there may be another way to achieve the task outcome - try the second way and don't waste time!
- like mentioned, do all labs and exercises without looking at the solutions. most importantly, make sure you understand the concepts and solutions. 
- go a bit further than the lab exercises if you can with the larger topics and read them a bit and try some more playing around. sounds silly but make sure again you understand why you are configuring a file or what it does exactly (that will help for larger topics like autofs or ldap)
- don't waste your time on something small if you get stuck because you can always go back (provided the question you jump isn't a prereq for the next q). 
- some questions on the exam are a little more involved and if you know for fact you can do those, you should complete them. you can always glance at each of the questions, and see if there is anything that may give you trouble. if there is, leave those and complete the stuff you know you can finish. that way you're guaranteed those easy points (easy cuz you know it)!

I booked the kiosk. I feel the traditional method with the instructor in the room would be better. If you have trouble with your system you can ask right away...I mean you can ask in the kiosk too, its just a diff feeling. Sign-up process is slow with the kiosk. Also I'm not sure if it's any different setup in an in-class exam, but the top of my screen seemed like it was cutting off some lines when using man pages which was a pita when scrolling.

I walked out being entirely certain I failed because the q's I missed were big  tasks, but its cuz I wasted time as mentioned previously. If I had more time I think I could have figured them out.  The good thing is, what I did complete I think I completed perfectly. 

So if you walk out feeling upset or stressed, as long as you can complete most of the exam, you should be okay. Hope this helps!

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