2 years ago

CSA Thoughts...

Just took the test today and thought I would provide some thoughts:
1)   The linuxacademy course does a great job of covering a lot of the exam.  there are areas that could use some more detail.  I'm sure its a bit of a moving target as they add features
API Gateways
2)  Definitely review the security topics in detail in the documentation.  make sure you understand the different ways a resouce can be accessed.
3)  Networking configuration is another area that you should review in detail outside of the course.
4)  I spent a lot of time in the online documentation reviewing topics that I did not feel I was comfortable with.
5)  The practice exams are great and really help get you comfortable with a lot...I think I got too comfortable.....dont expect the exam questions to be similar.

I found some good posts on here prior to the test, so I hope this helps others....

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