2 years ago

Passed AWS Certified Developer - Associate

So my second AWS certification after AWS-CSA. I scored better than AWS-CSA as I think I was better prepared. 

The only recommendation I would have for LA is that probably, there should be a stand-alone training course for Developer. The course from Christophe is good but unless you have taken CSA course, the developer course would be really hard to understand. I am not sure if AWS recommends that you have to be a solution architect concepts before you do developer course. Since, there is a lot of overlap between the two courses, I personally feel a stand-alone end to end course for developer would be really beneficial and a value add to LA courses. 

Also, in some cases, I feel the course felt like reading from the aws website(which it is - in some cases), which is not bad as we need to understand those concepts. My point(and honest opinion) is a more friendly explanation would be really good to have. That being said, I do appreiciate the course a lot and I strongly believe it helped me pass the exam. 

Regarding my preparation, I also did the course from UDEMY(acloudguru), along with the FAQ's for all the topics including practical implementation on my own AWS account and not to forget the LA LABs.  I scored 88% this time and really felt comfortable taking the test. 

I am really enjoying my cloud journey. Thank you Christophe and Anthony for the course. Onto the SysOps now. 

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2 years ago
Fantastic job!
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2 years ago
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2 years ago
Nicely done, Haman! Thanks fot your suggestions as well!
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2 years ago
Congrats Haman!
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2 years ago
Awesome job!
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2 years ago
Nice work, Haman!
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2 years ago
Woohoo! Congrats, Haman. 
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2 years ago
Great work, Haman; and thank you for the feedback!
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2 years ago

Great job Haman!

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2 years ago
Awesome work, Haman!
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2 years ago
Congratulations, Haman!
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2 years ago
Nice job!
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2 years ago
Congrats, Haman!
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