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3 years ago

Taking the AWS Certified Developer Exam - Feedback 8/2017

* The course covered a lot of ground, and most things were explained in a way that worked very well for me. I struggeled a little with DynamoDB, reading AWS FAQ helped me understand some of the concepts.
* I found the choice of topics to be largely relevant,  however I was also asked about Lambda and RDS in the exam (not covered in the course). I had purchased practice exams from other providers, and they already had quite a few questions about FIFO queues. This feature has been out for quite a while now, I think there might already be relevant questions in the AWS tests (that I just didn't hit). I estimate that from 55 questions I came accross ~3-4 that were not covered by LA.
* Purchasing practice exams (elsewhere) helped a lot. I think I had ~20 questions that I already knew.
* I had hoped to be able to have some interaction with other students through forums and learning groups here at LA but that didn't happen. Online activity here is very low & forum / learning group usuability seems not very high on the priority list.
* I have ignored most labs because I found that I was only asked to  repeat what I had just seen in a video. Personally I would prefer if the setup was more challenging (like the LPIC labs that I had done before).
* AWS whitepapers were interesting reading material, but not very relevant for the exam. The same goes for re:invent videos on youtube.

In summary I'm very happy with Linux Academy. :)

Thanks to the whole team behind LA!

ps: It would be great if we could limit replies to questions comments. I just assume everyone's congrats  ;)

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3 years ago
Thanks for the feedback Jan!
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3 years ago
Thank you for the feedback! And congratulations on the exam pass, Jan!
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3 years ago
Woohoo!  Congrats, Jan!