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2 years ago

Azure 70-534 Exam Pass

First Thank you to Doug for the course. There is a lot of quality information in there that has helped me outside of the Certificaton Planning.

I did not see any posts earlier this week while I was preparing so I wanted to add something .

In relation to the test, I passed using the 70-534 course,

 Studying the slides PDF from the course downloads you should know eveything on this 388 Page PDF,
Course Quiz Study- the explanations are essential to read.
Hands on experience in the Console, Power Shell, and working with Clients to plan solutions by researching online.

As soon as I finished with 30 minutes left, I was sure that I did NOT pass. But I ended up doing pretty well as far as scores go. There were some areas that I was not prepared for.

Here is a recap, the course is 170 minutes and a lot of reading. There are scenarios , mutliple choice, and some drag and drops.
Things I did not know, CDN delivery Speed, How to setup Media Services Streaming , Azure CLI commands, Coding/scripting ( I would not even know what language it was) definitley not bash or anything basic.
And I wish I would have memorized the SAML and Federated Identity items in more detail.
Otheriwse it is a lot of reading and looking for the question to answer.
Good Luck

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2 years ago
 @drb101716 Way to go! Congratulations! Thanks for taking the time and leaving detail feedback regarding the exam and our 70-534 course! What do you think you want to tackle next?
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2 years ago

Congrats Dominic!

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2 years ago
Awesome!  Congrats, Dominic!
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2 years ago
Excellent work, Dominic!
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2 years ago
Congrats! Thanks for the detailed breakdown!
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2 years ago
Congrats, Dominic!
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2 years ago
Great job, Dominic! Thanks for the feedback.
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2 years ago
Way to go, Dominic! Thanks for sharing feedback with us.
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2 years ago
Congratulations! Thanks for the recap and feedback!
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2 years ago
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2 years ago
Great work, Dominic!!
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2 years ago
Awesome Job, and congrats!
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2 years ago
Well done.
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2 years ago
Great job!
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2 years ago
Way to go!
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2 years ago
Congrats Dominic!
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2 years ago
Awesome, Dominic! Glad to hear the course was of help to you and the places where it needs improvement and expansion. We'll make a point of getting additional material in to cover those aspects!
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2 years ago
Congrats! Thanks for the additional info and advice too...
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2 years ago
Great work, Dominic!
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2 years ago
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2 years ago
Congratulations, Dominic! Great write-up and great work!
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2 years ago
Congrats, Dominic and great job!