3 years ago

Passed this exam today.


Today I successfully passed the Cloud Essentials exam. I would like to express my gratitude toward Stephen Smith and Linux Academy for the materials provided. They certainly were helpful toward passing this test.

Course Highlights:
  • This course's video library has a lot of valuable information consended into a very consumable <3 hours.
  • The official Linux Academy Cloud Essentials study guide. It's an attractive document that is easy to read. If you can pace yourself and read the document in between lectures, you might get through it 2 times - which would be plenty.
Course critique:
  • Steven Smith. Great instructor, but a little past paced for me. Some of the courses seemed a little short (<3min).
  • Slide deck. It's downloadable, but it would have been helpful to have more useful information on them. Some slides just refer to the names of topics that will be discussed iwth little to no actual content.
  • Practice tests. I felt great when taking them! I was able to make steady progress, and they assisted me in taking other practice tests from another provider as that test date grew nearer. However, as was mentioned by someone in the study group, I encountered a real flurry of ITIL questions that weren't covered heavily enough in the practice exam.
Be prepared to be annoyed at the questions asked by the testing suite.  The questions asked are complicated business organization scenarios. If you are taking this course in order as prescribed by the Linux Academy Linux track, or AWS track, you might not be prepared to answer so many business related questions. The questions and the answers themselves are half-baked, or I have serious reading comprehension problems.. I literally felt as if I was failing the entire time... It was very frustrating. Luckily, it was a positive outcome!

Thanks Linux Academy!

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3 years ago
Awesome news and thanks for leaving feedback  @lordpenguin !
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3 years ago
Well done, Dean!
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3 years ago
 @lordpenguin: Great write-up! Congrats on your accomplishment :D. How may people were in your study group?
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3 years ago
Congratulations, Dean, thanks for the feedback!
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3 years ago
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3 years ago
Thanks so much, Dean! And congrats!
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3 years ago
Congrats  @lordpenguin !  Thank you so much for taking the time to leave feedback as it always helps us to make our content the best it can be.
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3 years ago
Johnny - not very many. It is not an active study group - only a few threads. Many thanks to @stephen for creating the group. I'm sure it will gain traction as more and more learners begin to use the course.
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3 years ago
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3 years ago
I love when people take the time to give detailed feedback about things like this. It seems clear that you're astute and working hard. Keep it up!
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3 years ago
Feedback is always good to have. Thank you for that -- but most importantly, congratulations!
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3 years ago
Congrats and thanks for the feedback!
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3 years ago
Thanks for the feedback, Dean. Congrats!!
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3 years ago
Great feedback, Dean. Way to go!
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3 years ago
Appreciate the intel. Thank you for taking the time to write a thought out review. Congrats on the certification!!!
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3 years ago
That is great feedback, thanks for sharing!
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3 years ago
Woohoo!  Congrats, on passing the exam!
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3 years ago
CONGRATULATIONS Dean! Thank you for the feedback, it's super helpful!
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3 years ago
Awesome job Dean!
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3 years ago
Congratulations, Dean! Thank you for sharing your experience and suggestions. :D
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3 years ago
Way to go!