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3 years ago


I am wondering if transcripts to the video lectures are available? Or if they are planned in the near-future?

Image of anthony
3 years ago
We are in the process of implementing transcripts now. Expect the feature to probably be "accessible" towards the end of the year.

Image of Minag
3 years ago
I was wondering the same question about transcripts. It will be interesting for me. in addition to the close captions. you are doing great jobs.
Image of
2 years ago
Sometimes I need to read something to understand, how are the transcripts developing please?
Image of mlotfali
1 year ago
Yes, I'm also interested in transcripts. Does CSA associate 2018 has any transcripts available?
Image of yogeshtaneja
1 year ago
Yes i was also searching for transcript of pdf of lecture.
Image of Neeraj Sabharwal
Neeraj Sabharwal
4 days ago
Is there an update on this?