3 years ago

Passed AWS-SA with 70% and developer Associate with 90%

Thanks to Linux academy for their awesome effort to put all the courses.

I did developer associate 20 days back for that i did around 6 weeks of preperation and for SA i took 2 weeks but i did not prepare for SA as hard as developer exam . i just took a glance at the important topics and did the final quiz . i would recommend to do these quizzes as many times as possible and read all the answers carefully so that you can eliminate wrong answers and go to the topics or documentation to konw the concepts .thourough understanding of the concepts is required for SA exam.

SA exam revolved around VPC, Load Balancers,S3,Route 53
questions on dynamo db,RDS,SQS,EBS were moderate 
shared resposibility 1 point.

lots of scenario and multiple choice answers (which will be tricky and will get u confused).

Developer Associate is pretty staight forward ..doing linux academy quizzes will get u certified.

finally great course and looking forward to learn more.

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3 years ago
Thank you for the tips and kind words! Congratulations on your achievements and good luck with your next certs!
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3 years ago
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3 years ago
Great Info and Awesome Job!
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3 years ago
Awesome! Congrats, Pradeep!
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3 years ago
Thanks for the feedback, and congratulations!!
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3 years ago
Congratulations, Pradeep! Thank you for sharing your experience. :)
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3 years ago