3 years ago

Passed AWS CDA today


I passed the AWS CDA today with 81% overall score. Could not have been able to do it without Linux Academy or A Cloud Guru. One strange things was there were only 55 questions and not 60. Has anyone noticed that?

My advise:

1. While taking the quizzes, in every question that you might already know the answer to, read all the options to get a thorough understanding of the concept. Also, a few questions on the test I felt addressed the overall concept of the questions I read here, but had minor modifications.

2. As boring as it might be, read the FAQs - at a high level and take notes.

3. Take the $20 online quiz at Kryterion - I took it a day ago and failed it with 60% :-( However, it gave me a good idea as to what to focus on. Also, it was good prep as the format on the actual test is the same. It also helped me to study more!

Thinking of taking the CSA but not sure at this point how much more work it would be.

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