Passed the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam!


I just passed the Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam this morning. The materials on this site were very helpful. I thought I'd mention some of the things that helped me.

(1) Skim through the key white papers.

(2) Read the FAQs of the major services.

(3) Skim the developer guides of the major services.

(4) When taking the exam look at the "ask" part of the question before the first part. In other words, look at what you are being asked to answer and then go read the intro paragraphs. This helped me to use my time more efficiently.

(5) Look for answers you can eliminate right away. If you can eliminate one or two choices, you'll have a better choice in making a final selection.

(6) You will get scratch paper and a pencil. Believe it or not, it's helpful!

(7) You will need most of the time . I finished about 22 minutes early. I probably should have spent more time reviewing but I was tired and wanted to be done.

(8) It's not over until it's over. I thought for sure I hadn't passed. When my score came up my jaw hit the floor! I

(9) I almost forgot, take the practice exam at least once. Yes, it costs money but it is well worth it.

Thanks, Linux Academy team!
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    Terrence C

    Thanks for sharing your experiences and congratulations!

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    David B

    Well done :)

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    Anthony J


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    Stephen S

    Congrats Jeffrey!

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    Christophe L

    Great job! Thanks for the tips

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    Elle K

    Congratulations, Jeffrey! Thank you for sharing your experience. :)

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    Harry P

    best of luck, do ye guys think linux is a must have for AWS stuff? +1 for an invite to the

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    Deborah R

    Hey, this would make a good Guide to share here!

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