Multiple Monitors Issue with Centos7

Hi everyone,

I am hoping someone either from the community or LA devs/tech team would be able to help me with connecting multiple monitors to my laptop that runs Centos7.
I have an Acer Aspire laptop and recently changed the OS from Windows 8 to Centos7. When I had Windows 8, I had two additional monitors connected to my laptop and was able to extend the primary screen. I have one HDMI and USB-3, Windows 8 didn't have any problems recognizing USB-3 as a valid driver. However, with Centos7 it is a different story. It only recognizes the HDMI.
I have been searching this issue on the internet since Friday and the only solution is to buy a docking station with DisplayLink enabled. Although, this only works with Ubuntu. I am pretty disappointed right now that having Centos7 and wanting to use more than two monitors are impossible.
So do I change the OS from Centos7 to Ubuntu and buy one of those docking stations? or there is a trick that I am not aware of?

Any help is much appreciated.
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    Ermin K

    First off, to use CentOS as you workstation is a bad idea in my opinion, it is a distribution mainly used for servers, a more fitting choice for a workstation would be fedora, all the commands are more or less the same but it comes with a lot of experimental stuff which provides for situations like this one.
    I am personally using fedora and I also happen to use USB-c for one of my monitors, I did not need to do anything special at all. Just plug and play.
    As for your situation I would advise looking at what GPU do you have and installing proprietary drivers if they are available, that will pollute your kernel with closed source drivers but it should make things more manageable.

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    Sinan O

    Thanks  @ermin for your feedback. I'll try Fedora to see if it works. 

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    Sinan O

    Hi  @ermin , I tried fedora and arch linux. Unfortunately, I had no luck. I ended up installing Ubuntu 18 and ordered one of the docking stations with DisplayLink. However, the DisplayLink's driver can be compiled to work with other distros as well. 

    Thank you for your help.

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