Unable to resolve the hostname

I'm stuck while creating an etcd cluster. When I try to execute below commands. I get an error message saying 

'sudo: unable to resolve host  <host name>'. Is there a DNS problem with lab servers or did I do something wrong?

sudo mv etcd-v3.3.5-linux-amd64/etcd* /usr/local/bin/

sudo mkdir -p /etc/etcd /var/lib/etcd

sudo cp ca.pem kubernetes-key.pem kubernetes.pem /etc/etcd/

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    Sean G

    What hostname is it displaying? You might try editing your /etc/hosts file directly and use the internal ip address of your servers. We block most public ports, but the internal ports are left pretty open between your servers.

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    Will B

    Is this a Linux Academy cloud server, or is it a lab server? Can you post the contents of the file /etc/hosts?

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