Configuring Proxy Protocol on an ELB and Nginx - ImportError

When trying the self-paced lab under Configuring Proxy Protocol on an ELB and Nginx, the instane gave the error 

ImportError: cannot import name UnrewindableBodyError when trying to run  aws configure

Two ways to fixing the issue:

  • Simple way : pip upgrades any requirements that are already installed 

$ pip install awscli --upgrade --user

  • Complicated way : Works almost everywhere

sudo pip uninstall requests

sudo pip uninstall urllib3

sudo yum remove python-urllib3

sudo yum remove python-requests(confirm that all those libraries have been removed)

sudo yum install python-urllib3

sudo yum install python-requests

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    Broadus P

    Good Morning Vijay,

    Thank you for that feedback, I will look into this Learning Activity today!

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