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Learn by Doing with Cloud Playground

Cloud Playground is the perfect practice environment for your team to code along, make mistakes, and learn cloud technologies and Linux on our servers, not yours!

Learn by Doing with Cloud Playground

Fast, Compliant, Free & Friendly Practice Environments

Code along in real time with no additional resources, downloads, or port 22 access required, ensuring security and compliance for your organization with zero administrative overhead.

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Request a Demo

Playground Servers

Pre-configured, auto-provisioned servers allow your team to execute step-by-step instructions and directly follow alongside our training to apply new skills and technologies.

Linux Academy for Business Playground Servers
Linux Academy for Business Playground Instant Terminal

Playground Instant Terminal

Access training servers through our in-browser terminal behind your corporate firewall and comply with your company’s security policies.

Playground Cloud Sandboxes

Give your team complete access to real, live cloud environments to use for practice, log-in credentials provided.

Playground Cloud Sandboxes in Linux Academy for Business

Amazon Web Services Sandbox Environments

Google Cloud Sandbox Environments

Microsoft Azure Sandbox Environments

Introducing Custom Cloud Playground

A revolutionary Linux Academy for Business upgrade that lets you bring your own server images to our Hands-On cloud training environment.

Linux Academy Hands-On Labs are the key to upskilling businesses to do amazing things in cloud transformation. Until now those Hands-On Labs have been limited to delivering only Linux Academy scenarios. No longer. Now you can bring your own server images for only your organization to use. Your server images, our Playground, no sweat.

Custom Cloud Playground Demo

Request a Demo

Request a Demo

“Porting our existing server images over to Custom Cloud Playground saved us AWS cost as well as first-level support and developer team costs. We found additional benefits such as longer permitted server uptimes and the ability to save fully configured image instances for up to 30 days.”

Christian Krakau-Louis Principal Technical Enablement Strategist, Akamai

Turn constant cloud technology changes into an advantage.

Included with all paid individual and business plans

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Linux Academy Cloud Playground — Safely Practice and Make Mistakes in Our Environments, Not Yours