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Introduction to crossrider Javascript Framework

Posted on April 6, 2011 by Anthony James Founder/CEOAnthony James Founder/CEO

Crossrider is an easy to use Javascript framework to create cross browser extensions in minutes. Save months of cross browser plugin development, and ride our framework with its unique tools and solutions. Invest your time in the core functionalities of your app, instead of the plugin development for each browser.
It’s simple, easy to set up, and very powerful.
We currently support Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 3.5+ and Chrome.



Image of Shmu
9 years ago

Awesome screencast Anthony.
Couple of remarks:
Re Internet Explorer: As Inetrnet Explorer (still) has the biggest market share of web browsers, it’s important to note that our framework supports IE and your Crossrider apps will work with it as well.
We are now working on the Icons + the background process, but all the rest are supported 100%. As you said, “no body is creating internet explorer plugins anyway” – Crossrider is here to change than. Once a user has the Crossrider framework installed (first app .exe download + install), all other future apps will not require a download, but rather a simple Yes/No confirmation box, making the process of IE plugins super simple for both Crossrider developers and end users.
Re verifying your domain. This is something we have not throughly explained on the Verify page, and thanks to your screencast we will remedy that. In short verifying your domain allows you to communicate with your Crossrider app users that come to your website/domain.
You can expose the appAPI which you use from your extension, to the page, allowing you to have the same abilities you have on the extension, straight from your website.
This way you can access the appAPI functions straight from any page on the verified domain, accessing the user’s localCookies, unique id, cross domain requests, the Crossrider Facebook API wrapper and much much more. (obviously only within the scope of your own extensions only)
All our remarks of course are because we haven’t emphasized it enough on the site, but this will change thanks to your screencast.
We really enjoyed watching it, and waiting for more to come 🙂

Image of Leonardo Picado
Leonardo Picado
9 years ago

Looks really good, thanks a lot for your videocast.
Quetion, how does this stack up against frameworks like GreaseMonkey?

Image of Trai
9 years ago

I look forward to having some time to use this. I had a FF App developed a few years ago(, but after FF came out with a new version it was useless. I’ve learned quite a bit since then, and very excited to hopefully be able to reuse most of that javascript code to create a cross browser App.

Image of kerry
8 years ago

i dont have crossrider exe in my computer and it may be in regedit dident look yet so i cant uninstall crossrider
i dont know what crossrider apps are being used
and ite not in add-remove in controll pannel..
so how do i uninstall it or stop it from
infecting my computer and its not in the program
directory.. what toolbars are assocciated with it

Image of Anthony James Founder/CEO
Anthony James Founder/CEO
8 years ago

Crossrider isn’t itself an exe. It allows you to build plugins. So all it is, is a plugin and only if you have installed a plugin. Just go to your browser plugisn and uninstall the plugin you want.


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