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Build Cross Browser Extensions with jQuery

Posted on November 11, 2011 by Anthony James Founder/CEOAnthony James Founder/CEO

With the creation of web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, we’ve seen increase in browser plugins and their usage. The Google Chrome Store and Firefox plugin directory have increased the amount of exposure and availability of plugins for discovery in the crowd. Given so much innovation, one might think that there is not any room left in the browser plugin market for new ideas. However, a small company and JavaScript framework known as Crossrider is aiming to change the landscape of the browser plugin market.

The real genius behind Crossrider is that it allows individuals to write browser plugins with just one set of JavaScript code and then it ports it out into Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.  Crossrider does not just work with JavaScript, but has also incorporated jQuery source into the framework, giving you the power of using jQuery functions to write your application. Crossrider has drastically decreased the amount of development time and languages a developer has to learn to do browser development.
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You can get started with Crossrider development by watching the development series videos found over at Pinehead.TV
Happy coding.


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