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Linux Academy Monthly Update – September

Posted on September 5, 2019 by Anthony James Founder/CEOAnthony James Founder/CEO

During this monthly update, we announce the first winners to our Swag giveaway! We also have two early-access courses for those of you who can’t wait any longer for Azure content, and a quick recap of all the new courses that have come out in the past month.

Over 45 New Hands-On Labs launched!

Last month we put out over 45 new hands-on labs for our learners to work with. Here’s a break down of how many new labs came out and for what:
  • AWS:  22
  • DevOps: 16
  • Azure: 4
  • Linux: 3
  • Google Cloud: 1

Completed Early Access Courses

The following are courses that were early access in the last month that are now complete.

  • Puppet Professional Certification – PPT206: This course serves as preparation for learners who seek to pass the 206 Puppet Professional certification exam offered by PuppetLabs. It focuses on Puppet 5.5/Puppet Enterprise 2018.1 Long-Term Support (LTS) and later releases. We will be learning from the ground up, starting with the installation process for Puppet Enterprise (PE). We then work through each component as we would when applying Puppet to an actual production environment. We will cover everything from basic module authoring to setting up multi-master environments that allow us to push code across massive infrastructures and manage our hosts with features, such as Code Manager, Bolt, and PuppetDB. Upon the completion of this course, learners will be able to tackle any DevOps assignments that must be orchestrated with Puppet or require configuration management.


  • Chef Local Cookbook Development Badge: The Chef Local Cookbook Development Badge course is designed to prepare you for the Chef Local Cookbook Development Badge exams. Bypassing the exams and obtaining this badge, you will demonstrate your ability to develop a basic Chef cookbook properly. Earning this Chef Badge shows you have the skills to develop a basic cookbook in Chef. It also shows you can take a process that exists and automate it, demonstrating your understanding of creating a cookbook. You will demonstrate your ability to validate the functionality of the cookbook before running it on a productive or ‘live’ infrastructure.


  • Microsoft Azure Administrator – Exam AZ-103: This course will help to prepare you for the AZ-103 exam with practical labs and demonstrations with the focus on these 5 domains:
    • Manage Azure subscriptions and resources
    • Implement and manage storage
    • Deploy and manage virtual machines (VMs)
    • Configure and manage virtual networks
    • Manage identities


  • Microsoft Azure Exam DP-200 – Implementing an Azure Data Solution: This course is designed to help you develop the skills to pass the Microsoft Azure DP-200 certification exam. This exam measures your ability to do the following:
    • Implement data storage solutions
    • Manage and develop data processing
    • Monitor data solutions
    • Manage and troubleshoot Azure data solutions

Updated Courses

The following course received updated content over the last month.

  • CloudFormation Deep Dive: Early on, the course focuses on the basics of CloudFormation, such as templates and scripting languages to write templates: JSON and YAML. After gaining a thorough understanding of CloudFormation basics, the learner shifts to deep dives on core concepts of CloudFormation, such as updating stacks and using bootstrapping techniques to provision instances launched within the stacks. We also cover various advanced topics in-depth, such as drift detection, cross-stack references, nested stacks, intrinsic functions, and condition functions. 

New Courses

The following are brand new courses.

  • Microsoft SQL Server on Linux Quick Start: This course teaches learners how to install and configure an SQL Server on Linux, whether using a traditional machine, containers, or an Azure SQL VM. We cover how to connect to and manage this popular RDMS using a variety of tools running on our favorite operating system.
  • Ubuntu Server and Desktop Essentials:   This course offers an introduction to the Ubuntu Linux distribution. We will briefly describe the history of this popular software collection and an overview of the different offerings of Ubuntu. We will also look at some basic administrative tasks, as well as some of the popular desktop software that comes with a standard Ubuntu installation. If you have heard of Ubuntu, but were unsure of where to start, try this course out to find out what this operating system is all about.
  • Programming Use Cases with PythonThe best ways to improve as a programmer are to read a lot of code and exercise programming skills by solving problems. In this project-based course, we’ll work through various projects from start to finish by breaking down problems and solving them using Python. Along the way, we’ll learn about some intermediate to advanced Python topics and see how we can apply the concepts that we’ve already learned to solve completely different problems.


New Early Access Courses

  • Microsoft Azure Architect Design – Exam AZ-301 – Early Access: This course is designed to help you develop the skills of an Azure Solution Architect and to pass the Microsoft Azure AZ-301 certification exam. The AZ-301 exam is one of two exams required to achieve the expert level certification as an Azure Solutions Architect Expert. Throughout this course, we cover all of the AZ-301 exam objectives. We ensure you gain experience designing and architecting Azure-based solutions. We work with concepts, Azure services, and various scenarios to provide the skills you need, not solely to pass this exam, but also to become a great Azure solution architect. This course provides:
    • Fundamental knowledge of solution architecture
    • Experience designing solutions for a range of scenarios
    • Familiarity with features and functionality of many Azure services


  • AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies (Early Access): Candidates for this exam are Microsoft Azure security engineers who implement security controls, maintain the security posture, manage identity and access, and protect data, applications, and networks. Candidates identify and remediate vulnerabilities by using a variety of security tools, implement threat protection, and respond to security incident escalations. As a Microsoft Azure security engineer, candidates often serve as part of a larger team dedicated to cloud-based management and security. They may also secure hybrid environments as part of an end-to-end infrastructure. Candidates for this exam should have strong skills in scripting and automation, a deep understanding of networking, virtualization, and cloud N-tier architecture. They should also possess a strong familiarity with cloud capabilities, Microsoft Azure products and services, and other Microsoft products and services.

Swag Giveaway

As it is the start of a new month, it is time for us to announce the first winners of our Monthly Swag Giveaway! To find out if you’ve won, head over to our YouTube and watch this month’s video! While watching, keep an eye on the bottom of the screen to see if you’ve won. If you did win, follow the steps provided in the video description.

If you didn’t win this month, you can re-enter for next month’s giveaway and the chance to get a brand new t-shirt design! Remember, you need to re-enter every month. Here’s a look at next month’s design:

We’ll be announcing the next round of winners in next month’s episode along with all of the new content and platform updates. Have a wonderful September!


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11 months ago

The form does not like my Email address so I cannot subscribe

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10 months ago

I apologize for that, unfortunately our Monthly Update for September is no longer open for entries. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel and get notifications to our next Monthly Update giveaway. Stay tuned here!


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