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1 Year Anniversary: Linux Academy + Jupiter Broadcasting

Posted on September 12, 2019 by AngelaFisherAngelaFisher

September 12th marks one year since Jupiter Broadcasting was announced to be joining forces with Linux Academy in a team effort to give back to the community. Let’s look back on this alliance of two powerful educational advocacy entities:

One year ago:

Linux Academy and Jupiter Broadcasting share the mission to inspire people to follow their passions. We jointly promote learning, exploring, and achieving goals by acquiring new knowledge. Jupiter Broadcasting has been creating your favorite podcasts on Linux, open source, and free software since the term “podcast” existed. By teaming up, we’ve brought together two industry-leading companies that develop and deliver the content that our community really wants. We have the opportunity to expand on what we do best and build a core team that will make a truly unique contribution to the community. – Chris Fisher, Jupiter Broadcasting Co-Founder and VP of Community

We are so proud to welcome the Jupiter Broadcasting team to Linux Academy. This merger has far-reaching benefits for our community, students, and employees as it unifies and enhances our open source contributions. In a world of digital transformation, it is important to recognize our community responsibilities. By bringing the two communities together, it will empower and enable both communities to achieve more in their paths to success. – Anthony James, Linux Academy Founder and CEO

Exactly one year ago, we had the opportunity to expand on what we do best and build a core team that makes a unique contribution to the community. Now that we’ve looked back on what this partnership meant, let’s take a minute to appreciate all that’s grown and changed over the last year.

Fast forward to now

The network of podcasts Jupiter Broadcasting produces is the best community contribution for students and Linux and technology enthusiasts. In the last year, the team has added more audio specialists, dedicated community outreach/ SWAG staff, and on-air talent.


We’ve seen the return and revamp of User Error, hosted by Joe Ressington, Daniel Fore, and Alan Pope. These three hosts talk about everything from condiments to chaos with a little bit of Linux and technology sprinkled throughout. You can see all of the latest updates about the User Error show here.

choose-linuxWe’ve also seen the successful launch of Choose Linux, a show that captures the excitement of discovering Linux through open source software, distribution options, and best practices. It’s hosted by Joe Ressington, Drew DeVore, and Ell Marquez and is already 17 episodes strong! See the updates here.

So, what are we doing to celebrate this monumental day in Linux Academy and Jupiter Broadcasting history? We’re debuting ANOTHER new show featuring some of your favorite open source content creators! And we’re also hosting an AWS study group, with even more in the works. Check out the current group content HERE.

Become a listener

Today, we officially release episode 1 of the new show called Self-Hosted, your gateway to self-hosting all the things, with Alex Kretzchmar and Chris Fisher. The show is trailblazing a new and interesting area of tech not covered in depth by previous Jupiter Broadcasting productions. You will discover new software to take back control of services outside your firewall and own your data. It’s all about unlocking the power of Linux and open source!

The Self-Hosted show features a community interactive hashtag of #askssh on Twitter which allows you, the listener, to participate in both directing our content AND receiving the answers to your burning self-hosting questions. Start interacting and follow the Self-Hosted show on Twitter!

There are still some additional big plans in the works as the team builds exactly what you, our learners, want. So stay tuned and subscribe to the All Shows RSS Feed and Linux Academy’s Youtube channel so you never miss a new opportunity to learn even more!


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very informative post! thanks for sharing!

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