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Take Your Internet On The Go With Hot Spots

Posted on January 30, 2013 by Anthony James Founder/CEOAnthony James Founder/CEO

A few years ago I could only dream of being able to take the internet with me wherever I went, affordably that is. Now, not only do we see almost every fast food restaurant, coffee shop, ice cream parlor, and car wash (ok not really car washes) with internet access, but we have the ability to take wireless devices with us to create hot spots. Most of us have phone services that perform this luxury for us, however, with limited data plans, lack of LTE connectivity or grandfathered in data plans our cell phones might not be the ideal tools for wireless hot spots. Here is a list of a few ways (including your cell phone) to take the internet with you wherever you go. You’ll never again be without internet access to your laptop.

Cell Phone Hot Spot

Most companies and smart phones now offer the ability to turn your phone into a wireless hot spot. Android and IOS are sure to have this feature available on any major carrier but it’s likely to cost a lot. AT&T offers the hot spot, but iPhones that are grandfathered in with unlimited data do not have the option to upgrade. If you’re wanting to keep your data, you’re better off to keep reading for other options.

iPad Data (Verizon Only)

If you have an iPad or iPad mini with a data package from Verizon, you have the ability to create a wireless hot spot. There is a simple switch in the iPad’s settings that allows you to enable this hot spot at no additional charge. So not only is your iPad always connected, but all of your devices can connect to your iPad.

Dedicated Hot Spots

OK, you don’t have an iPad and you don’t want to use your cell phone. What do you do? Well, there are many dedicated hot spots available from different carriers. It may be helpful to go with a carrier different than your cell phone carrier so that if one device doesn’t have service the other might.
Seriously, there are some great inexpensive providers of hot spots these days. Depending on your internet use they could actually replace your home internet and go with you wherever you go. Which ones are worth a look?

Verizon Mi-Fi

The Verizon Mi-Fi allows you to have a wifi connected hot spot in your pocket. You’re looking at a two year contract and around $30/m depending on the internet service choose. Verizon Mifi Device

CLEAR Internet Service

Clear internet service has on-the-go and home based pricing. That means that if you use your device less frequently, you can get data capped plans. If you’re looking to run this as your home internet, that’s an option as well. They are 4G speeds and certainly worth looking at CLEAR internet service

Sprint Hot Spot

Sprint has a few options such as USB plugs, hot spots, and more you could check out. Their devices can be found at


There are many options to take the internet with you. One of the questions you should ask yourself is whether or not you want this to be your home device or just a way to get internet on the go. Does your cell provider even have good data reception? You could enable hot spots and have slow internet for your devices. A lot of it drills down to your location, your device, and your usage.


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