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How To Fix Your iPhone 5 Battery – Really

Posted on December 19, 2012 by Anthony James Founder/CEOAnthony James Founder/CEO

When the iPhone 5 was launched, the phone was supposed to be bigger and have a longer lasting battery. But, that’s not exactly what happened. My phone, for instance, has done nothing but drain the battery. I’d notice the battery being dead after only 4 hours of usage, and according to Apple, that shouldn’t be the case. I set out on an adventure to try and solve my iPhone 5 battery issues.

Simple Tricks I Found To Fix The iPhone 5 Battery

After several days of testing I found a few things. The first major issue which I can 100% say is associated with my iPhone battery is my iCloud restore.

Perform a hard reset if you notice your battery dying quickly

Notice your battery dropping fast? Perform a hard reset on your phone and see what happens. What you will see immediately is that your phone’s battery will go back up, yes back up, and your battery will start behaving as normal.
You have to do this once a day to keep your battery working correctly. So what about a more permanent fix? I’ve tracked this problem down to the fact that when I got my iPhone 5 I restored it from an iCloud backup. As with all backups, this makes my iPhone 5 running off of iPhone 4S backups and not off a “fresh” install of iOS.

Don’t restore from iCloud but sync to iCloud

To solve this, reset your phone but do not select the option “restore from iCloud backup.” Instead, chose a fresh install. Once your phone is set up you’ll want to set up your iCloud account which will then automatically sync your data.

You don’t bring over settings

By doing this you are telling iOS to ignore settings from your old iPhones and that you only want the data from iCloud and not all the other options. Sure, this will take some extra time to set up your iPhone, but it will be worth it in the end.

Turn off antennas you’re not using

If you’re having to milk your remaining battery for all it’s worth, and you’ve forgotten your charger, then here are a few things that will help you extend that battery life as long as possible.

1) Turn off LTE and WIFI antennas
2) Turn your brightness to the lowest it can go
3) Close all open apps by double tapping the home button
4) Disable location services
5) Disable app notifications
6) Disable iCloud

The list above contains extreme measures that you wouldn’t want to do all the time. Only in the situation where you need to milk the battery for as long as possible.


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