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Posted on 6 years ago by Pablo Farias NavarroPablo Farias Navarro

I’m sure many of you have some crazy or not so crazy video game ideas in your head. Most of these ideas don’t become real games because people think making games is something very complicated. It is, to be 100% honest with you, true up to a certain extent, but it’s not as hard as you think. If you have basic knowledge of of HTML, CSS and JavaScript you have all you need to get started with simple game projects. There is an awesome Open Source HTML5 game development framework called LimeJS which allows you to create mobile games that work well on any HTML5 supporting device (desktop, phones, tabets, tvs..) and support touch screen from day one. Using LimeJS, if you get your hands a bit dirty with some coding for a couple of hours you can get closed to making that crazy game idea, a reality.