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Posted on 1 year ago by PhilZonaPhilZona

In our last guide, we explained how to install the AWS CLI but a little more setup is required before you can begin using it to interact with AWS services. Don’t worry, though! Configuring the AWS…

Troubleshooting ./configure, make and make install Tutorial

Troubleshooting ./configure, make and make install Tutorial

Sometimes, the typical sequence to compile a program doesn't work. It starts spitting out all kinds of errors and seems to do everything but compiling that annoying program already. What to do then? This tutorial describes how to get rid of many frequently occuring errors during a typical Linux compiling sequence. Note: You should only compile software when you really need to do it. Compiling can be dangerous to your Linux installation. If you want to install some software, please look for a precompiled package (like a .rpm or a .deb) first. If you really need to compile, do it with care.

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