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Webinar: Women in Tech – How to Build an "And" Culture & Thrive

Posted on July 27, 2018 by OliviaOlivia

Join us as we transform diversity in the tech space.

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50% of women leave tech. That’s two times the rate of men. Young professionals of color have the lowest retention rates in Corporate America. Why? A lot of attention is given to the “pipeline” issue in tech, but what about the leaky faucet? Why is this coveted talent leaving?
Join Amy Marrich, Linux Academy OpenStack Training Architect II, and Elaine Marino, Equili Founder, as they delve into the stats behind the state of diversity in the tech industry, how to create an “and” culture, and how to thrive.
women in tech webinar 2In this live webinar, Elaine and Amy will discuss:

  • The current state of diversity in the industry
  • Why diversity and inclusion is still an issue
  • Real life experiences to provide depth and insight into the issue
  • How you can build an “and” culture to stimulate diversity
  • And much more!

Webinar details:
When: Friday, August 10th, 10:30am CDT
Where: Sign up here!
How do you stimulate diversity in your office? Join the global discussion and let’s transform diversity in the tech space together.
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